We are a group of eight young people aged 22. We met the art of movement, Eurythmy, at Steiner school in Prague and we devote to eurythmy for eight years now. During the study we became very enthusiastic for eurythmy. Four times we have participated at the International Festival of Eurythmy in Witten-Annen (Germany) – each time with a rich and demanding program to which we contributed our own literary and musical creation. All of our performances met with positive reaction – that motivate us even more to improve our eurythmic skills. In the 12th class, we proposed to introduce eurythmy as a graduation subject, which succeeded, and a year later twelve students from our class graduated in their final examinations from Eurythmy – we were the first graduates from Eurythmy in the Czech republic. 🙂

Our desire is to open a new path in life and develop not only physical but also artistic and social skills. It is also important for us to go through the proces of realization of a vision from start to finish. We want to improve our organizational and practical skills, be able to divide tasks, cooperate with others and with the world – all this to draw new strength and experience for our future life.

Performance we are preparing this year is named „Through the Threshold of Memory“. It consists of 6 Preludes for Piano and Violin written by contemporary Russian-born American composist Lera Auerbach and of poems by Iranian writer Ahmad Shamlou. Our programme is primarily for young and adult audiences. Our yearly effort will be concluded by a tour through Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany when we will perform for schools, theaters, and we will also participate in the Festival of Eurythmy in Witten-Annen once again.
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Do you believe that eurythmy should be brought more into the world? We belive that our project will open up eurythmy to a wider audience. If you share our ideals and enthusiasm, feel free to join and share our FB page.

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